Solid Aerosol Generator SAG 410

Solid-particle aerosols are used for research, development and quality management in numerous fields. They are produced by dust generators. In case dry and easy flowing substances are applied, the dust generators of the model series SAG 410 are suitable. They transport the solid material using a dosing belt (VDI 3491-8). This ensures a continuous, constant and exact dosing. The dust generators of Topas GmbH consist of a control unit and a dispersion unit.

The modular design enables the user to realise a wide range of powder mass flows. The fine adjustment of the powder mass flow is done by a comfortable infinitely variable control of the belt speed. Finally, the powder is transported by suction from the dosing belt and dispersed using a two-component nozzle (designed in accordance with ISO 5011).

In case poor-flowing powders such as Pural NF are used for the generation of aerosols, the dust generators SAG 410/U or SAG 410/P are suitable. The transport of the solid material is performed by a feed screw and dosing ring. If the used solid material also tends to adhere to surfaces, the use of a special nozzle (P-nozzle) ensures the suction of the solid material from the dosing ring.

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