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Synthesis of nanowires and nanotubes

We synthesize Mo6S2I8 nanowires directly from the elements in quartz tubes at a constant temperature of 1320K or with the chemical transport reaction with a temperature gradient of 6.2 K/cm.

Mo6S2I8 nanowires serves as a precursors for the synthesis of MoS2 nanotubes and MoO3 nanowires. MoS2 nanotubes are mare with the sulphurization proces of Mo6S2I8 nanowires, while MoO3 nanowires are made with the oxidation of Mo6S2I8 nanowires in a controlled environment. We have shown, that the MoO3 nanowires are non-toxic for human keratinocytes in article with title “In-vitro toxicity of molybdenum trioxide nanoparticles on human keratinocytes”, published in Toxicology (2020, 444,

Tungsten sub-stoichiometric oxides, WO3-x, are also synthesized with the chemical transport recation, where WO3 powder, Ni foil and iodine are sealed in a quartz ampule under vacuum. Different sub-stoichiometric nanomaterials can be grown, depending on the mass ratio of the precursors and the temperature gradient.

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