equipment - friction tester

The CF800 Coefficient of Friction Tester is designed to determine the coefficient of friction properties of plastic films, laminates, foils and papers. The apparatus conforms primarily to the BS2782 method 824A and ASTM D 1894-78, but it can be supplied to suit other international test methods. The tester is connected to a PC what enables data storage and further analysis in certain software.
Friction Tester RDM CF800 XS

Examples of application for polymer analysis / information that can be obtained by this method for polymers:
- Determination of static and dynamic friction coefficient between two polymer surfaces or between polymer surface and some other material surface. 
Measurement range:
- Maximum load, as a consequence of friction is limited to 1500g. 
Sample limitations: 
- For standard measurements we need a part of sample sized 12cm x 6.3cm, which is clamped on sleed and another part sized 60cm x 16cm, clamped on grounding. - For measurements which are not made by standards, mentioned above, we need samples with area few cm2. 
Limitation of application conditions: 
- Friction tester is operating on room temperature on air.
One part of sample is clamped on sleed (left) and another part is clamped on grounding. Sleed is trailed on the grounding by measuring cell, which measures friction between moving sample on sleed and static sample on grounding.
A touch-screen panel is user friendly and displays current values of friction during measurement.

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