equipment - Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (dma)

The METTLER TOLEDO DMA/SDTA861e is the latest DMA introduced in the market. In comparison with conventional DMA instruments it offers new and unique performance benefits: A frequency range up to 1000 Hz for material behavior simulation and accurate determination of moduli through the presence of a dedicated force sensor.


- Dedicated force sensor and unique LVDT positioning for accurate measurement of moduli and tan d
- Frequency range up to 1000 HzVarious deformation modes and measuring systems to accommodate any sample type and material suitable for DMA analysis
- Easy sample preparation using external mounting fixtures
- Traceable temperature calibration with melting point standards using SDTA
- Broad force and displacement range for measurements over stiffness ranges of 7 decades in one run
- Determination of Material Properties
- Material and Process Optimization
- Quality Control
- Analysis of Material Failure
(DMA/SDTA861e Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer from Mettler-Toledo Inc

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